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it's been a month and a day since getting out of the hospital and shit is worse than it was before. someone fucked up and I can't get that medication I need, I haven't had it since I got out. I mean I can get it but I can't because it's like 900 bucks for a month supply of what I need, and my medical insurance is all fucking screwed up and I don't know what to do or who to talk to in order to fix it. and I can't afford that so fuck it, what am I suppose to do? my mood changes back and forth from anger to extreme sadness off and on throughout the day like a lightswitch and it's seriously really hard to keep in check. not to mention I haven't had any pain killers or anything for my broken hand, I'm not even wearing the splint anymore cause it doesn't fit and I still need a cast. still can't work, still get migraines, still have nightmares, still an ugly useless sack of shit with a disgusting fucked up thought process that keeps dropping everything and seriously just wants to get back at all the fucking two faced assholes around me including myself. but I'm not going to do that no, just gonna do what I've always done, just bend over and let life fuck me in the ass, at least I'm use to that haha. draw/say/imply/do whatever the fuck you want, there's nothing I can do to stop you and I really don't give a shit. have fun fucker, I still like you and your art and I hope you do good stuff. 

anyway it's kinda funny sometimes when I'm drawing I can hear the bone in my hand pop
  • Mood: Miserable

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Here's a really dope song I've been listening to lately… I can relate to it, and I'm sure you can too.
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Back to original name please! :D
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I paid 5 whole dollars to change my name 

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